“One thing I can say about coaching with Janet is that she keeps all thing real. She stops me when I’m going down a rabbit hole and helps me reframe my perspective. She helps me set realistic goals and holds me accountable. We see the big picture while we walk through all the small pieces together.

I can openly relate to Janet. I never felt like I was buying a product. I’ve always felt she was here to help me grow as a person. She presents herself as a raw and real human being who has invested the time to grow herself, to help others.

In coaching with Janet, I would say she has a gift for bringing structure. She has helped me, in what felt like a totally chaotic situation, and give it purpose and clarity. She has shown me how to add light to all situations. Giving them meaning. Creating a plan! Coaching with Janet is immensely positive in my ability to deal with my life.”

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